The Nobleman and Other Romances by Isabelle de Charriere. New York. 2012. Penguin Books. 439 pages. paperback. 9780143106609. Cover art by Joanna Walsh.


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   The only available English translation of writings by an Enlightenment-era Dutch aristocrat, writer, composer-and woman. Born Dutch, noble, and free-spirited, Isabelle de Charrière (also known as Belle de Zuylen) was an enlightened woman whose writings - not unlike Jane Austen's - tackled the intricacies of high society, particularly in matters of love. Published when she was only twenty- two, ‘The Nobleman’ is a PERSUASION-like tale whose heroine challenges her stodgy father in order to marry a man of unassuming ancestry. But Charrière did not confine herself to simple marriage plots and country courtships. Another story, ‘Eagonlette and Suggestina,’ is a thinly veiled critique of Marie Antoinette, cleverly disguised as a fairy tale. These compelling new translations finally restore a remarkable writer and thinker to her rightful place in the literary canon.





Charriere Isabelle deIsabelle de Charrière , nèe Isabella Agneta Elisabeth van Tuyll van Serooskerken (1740-1805) wrote novels, essays, plays, and operas- both music and libretti. Caroline Warman is a lecturer in French at the University of Oxford and a fellow of Jesus College. This collection developed after she translated ‘Letters from Neuchâtel,’ one of the stories included here, as a birthday present for her aunt.










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